samedi 19 novembre 2016

      My favourite genre of music.

Hello everyone i'm going to speak about my favourite genre of music and my favourite artistes.
I love a rap musique and R&B they are a new genre of music .I listen it in all languages like French , Spanish ,English and arabic rap.
I listen to music everywhere and also in sport.My favourite artist is Alonzo he is a french rapper Kassim Djae, better known by his stage name Alonzo, is a French rapper and singer of Comorian descent who is signed to Def Jam France.
He started rapping from 2002 onwards and was part of the Marseille-based hip hop band Psy 4 de la Rime as Segnor Alonzo alongside band members Don Vincenzo , Soprano  and DJ Sya Styles .
His 2010 solo album Les temps modernes won critical acclaim. His 2012 album Amour, gloire & cité  contains collaborations with a lot  of artists like Kenza Farah, Soprano  and  L'Algérino . I lister to those music because it give a motivation.
I don't play any instrument of music but i wan't to learn to play a guitar.