samedi 19 novembre 2016

      My favourite genre of music.

Hello everyone i'm going to speak about my favourite genre of music and my favourite artistes.
I love a rap musique and R&B they are a new genre of music .I listen it in all languages like French , Spanish ,English and arabic rap.
I listen to music everywhere and also in sport.My favourite artist is Alonzo he is a french rapper Kassim Djae, better known by his stage name Alonzo, is a French rapper and singer of Comorian descent who is signed to Def Jam France.
He started rapping from 2002 onwards and was part of the Marseille-based hip hop band Psy 4 de la Rime as Segnor Alonzo alongside band members Don Vincenzo , Soprano  and DJ Sya Styles .
His 2010 solo album Les temps modernes won critical acclaim. His 2012 album Amour, gloire & cité  contains collaborations with a lot  of artists like Kenza Farah, Soprano  and  L'Algérino . I lister to those music because it give a motivation.
I don't play any instrument of music but i wan't to learn to play a guitar.

jeudi 29 septembre 2016

All about me

                                                               All about me 

Hello i'm Ilyas Mekkaoui from Tangier,Morocco the 18th of Novembre it's independent day of Morocco i'm going to have 17 years old  i'm student in "Groupe Scolaire Le Detroit" in Tangier.
I have two brother's and one sister my brothers  are students  they have 6 and 11 and my sister have 18 she study medecine in Dakar,Senegale .I speak five languanges classical arabic,arabic darija,frensh,english and spanish.
I have black hair and i'm 1,82 meters 

I love sport like biking,kick boxing,swimming and hiking. My hoobies are surf internet go to the cinema with friends and play at the play station and i love go to the football field and seen matches and i'm supporter of F C Barcelona is one of spanish team and IRT the team of tangier.I love racing with cars and drifting and driving.

 I live in Tangier the best city in  the north of Morocco it have two seas,is a thriving city and home to one of Africa's largest ports, the Tanger Med. Tangier was called Tingis when the Romans were there.

I love ULTRAS HERCULES and i'm a member of the group of ULTRAS a specials supporters of football (soccer) they make TIFO like in the picture
there is some picturs and videos about this ultras . ilyas.mek